My name is Jake and I tell visual stories with maps, graphics and code. I have a master's degree in cartography and GIS from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. My work has appeared in the Wall Street Journal and the NACIS Atlas of Design. I currently work on the graphics team at the Minnesota Star Tribune. You can reach me at jakesteinberg96 at

Project Portfolio

Legacy Tree

Snowfall Tracker

The Driftless Area

Slivers of an Ancient Forest

22, A Map

Dark Sky Sanctuaries

The Life and Death of the Great Lakes Pipeline

Urban Sprawl in the Twin Cities

Projection Trading Card

News Graphics

From One to All

Boundary Waters Trip

Minnesota's Deepest Lake

Plant Hardiness Zones

State of Turkeys

How Minneapolis Got Over Golf

Lahaina Wildfire

Ring of Fire

Hawaii Wildfires

Red Sea Oil Spill

Strait of Messina Bridge

Mountain Valley Pipeline

Alaska LNG Project

Titan Submersible

Ukraine Land Bridge

Miles from Recovery